Panoramic imagery is now used in most industries but mostly in advertising, entertainment and travel. Panoramic images can be grouped together into a virtual tour thereby giving a visitor to your website an experience similar to ‘being there’ without leaving the comfort of their living rooms!

A series of images is taken to complete a full 360 degree sphere with a digital camera mounted on a special panoramic head and tripod. The resulting images are stitched together using specialist software. A related field is that of 3D interactive models. These are usually used to display a virtual model of a product. Here the images are taken with the camera facing inwards, as against the outward looking camera for panoramic images. Specialist software is, again, used to assemble the model.

Whether you have an outward facing panorama or a 3D model, they are delivered to the viewer using Flash and/or HTML5. Please note that only the most recent browsers support HTML5 and those that do do not consistently support all aspects of the new language! Additionally, HTML5 is currently the only way to show this content on Apple’s iDevices.


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